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InCOP 1 – Information Collection on Patrol (“The Role of the Line Officer”)

Training Synopsis
InCOP 1Information Collection on Patrol (The Role of the Line Officer) is offered as a two-hour, video-based presentation that you can view anywhere, anytime. Now you can receive on your PC or mobile device the same training that has been delivered in person to officers from law enforcement agencies across the United States.

Topics covered include effective collection, The 2-Minute Interview, Hypervigilance on Patrol, the NSI-SAR, the role of fusion centers and the reporting process, the special problems of terrorism, the issues of criminal enterprise investigations, and an introduction to the Terrorist Screening Center.

Training Objectives

Participants will learn the importance of their role as a collector in developing actionable intelligence, the behavior-based reporting model, the power of intelligence, and the civil liberties issues that attach. They will also develop an understanding of the information-sharing environment within their police department.

Training Details
Length: 2 hours
Format: Video optimized for PC, Mac, tablets, smartphones
Target Audience: Police officers and investigators
Other delivery models include
- Train-the-Trainer
- Integration into in-service training
- A component of police academy training
- Other models offered suited to your training process

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Over 80 percent of terrorist plots were discovered by observations from law enforcement or the general public.

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